Top 10 Best Travel Places in Finland

Tampere FinlandFinland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. It contains some popular destinations as –

  1. Tampere

The city of Tampere is a cocktail of innovation and industry, spirited arts and local hospitality. There are plenty exciting exhibitions you can visit, including the Lenin exhibit, and because the location of the town is right between two colossal lakes, there is an endless list of opportunities to grab, like hiking, boat cruising and, in the winter, cross-country skiing.

  1. Porvoo

Porvoo FinlandA sight of delightful red-colored timber homes and cobbled town squares trimmed by the Middle Age constructions, makes this spot incredibly memorable. Right in the heart of the center, the stunning Porvoo Cathedral can be located, amidst the lovely locals, gathering for a cup of coffee at the old marketplace.

  1. Oulu

Oulu FinlandOulu is an enchanting city of bridges and islets, prestigious universities and thriving neighborhoods. Unbelievably green summer banks of the salty River Oulujoki portray the town center, sculpturing it into gorgeous cays, making this place unquestionably mesmerizing.

  1. Helsinki

Helsinki FinlandThe capital of Finland has a neoclassical shell, with an astonishing Lutheran Cathedral, but this is only one part of the story; the locals here are extremely edgy and innovative, providing numerous hipster cafes, design studios, remarkable architectural pieces, like the Kiasma art museum, and a vibrant nightlife sphere.

  1. Turku

Turku FinlandThis is a town, that holds amazing wealth of historical monuments, from the fierce fortification and dungeons of the Turku Castle to the great tower of the striking Turku Cathedral. To make the visit here even more exciting, the student scene is energetic and very diverse.

  1. Hameenlinna

Hameenlinna FinlandHameenlinna is crowned by a glorious 13th century Swedish castle, and coated with a beautiful green forest. The Historical Museums offers its visitors a good insight of the heritage and culture that has bloomed here since the 16th century; it is a place definitely worth seeing.

  1. Vaasa

Vaasa FinlandThis is a city with the heart in the captivating Market Place, that successfully combines its rich history with a lively university spirit and the modern age. Downtown, tourists can discover all kinds of engaging national monuments, while the striking seafront promenades connect this astonishing age-old place with the sea.

  1. Kuopio

Kuopio FinlandThis gem of the Finnish lake region is a destination for outdoor adventures; everything from a nice stroll over the windmill-scattered countryside to some of the best cross-country trails can be found at this sensational point, with seductive views you won’t be able to resist.

  1. Levi

Levi FinlandLevi, the top ski resort in the country, accommodates enthusiasts of winter sports, providing them countless of exciting alpine runs. Towards the evening, the charm of the town creates an idyllic winter bliss with its pine-clothed sauna spas and reindeer ranches,all illuminated by the Northern Lights.

  1. Kemi

Kemi FinlandThis city, located in the Finnish Lapland, is probably the most famous for its pulp mills. However, travelers know it for the iconic snow castle, that is re-built every year and is an incredible venue for live musicals and weddings, where guest can even spend the night, if they decide so, considering the nightlife here is very bustling and rich.

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