Top 10 best travel places in Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark

As we know that Denmark is a Scandinavian country comprising the Jutland Peninsula and numerous islands. There are numerous places where you can go as –

  1. Copenhagen

The Scandinavian capital is an irresistibly cool, calm and sophisticated city. The center is entwined with narrow streets and alleys, and of course you cannot miss the mighty Rundetarn Tower, the ancient Slotsholmen fortification, and the Tivoli Gardens that are throbbing with life and energy. This is a metropolis that does not hold a boring moment within its veins.

  1. Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands DenmarkBreathtaking site, carved by topped water and waterfalls with a coat of green grass. While the Northern Lights glimmer in the sky, the local fisherman’s pubs are hidden in the timber hamlets underneath. These extreme and dramatic coastlines could draw a gasp from any traveler.

  1. The Danish Riviera

The Danish Riviera DenmarkDanish Riviera is the home of the first-class beaches in the entire Scandinavia. Among other gorgeous spots, the castle towns of Hillerod and Helsingor are particularly popular; this is where the majestic Kronborg castle can be found, the one and only domain of Shakespeare’s prince Hamlet.

  1. Odense

Odense DenmarkThis urban town is most known as the birthplace of arguably the greatest fairy tale teller of all time, Hans Christian Andersen, and there are countless monuments and exhibitions setto honor him. But there is more to this quaint and charming place; the Odesne Zoo is amazing and the best in the country, while the active university scene, cafes and nightlife give the city a lively energy.

  1. Roskilde

Roskilde DenmarkNot only a spectacular festival take place here every year, but the town is soaked with history, that goes back to the pagan age of the Vikings. The cathedral, museum and a few eerie stone churches from the Middle Ages are just waiting to be explored.

  1. Aarhus

Aarhus DenmarkAarhus is packed with heritage and culture. Crowds are drawn to the city’s museums, while the old center makes a perfect day for strolling and enjoying the café culture. Even the nightlife is impressive here, due to a large number of student population.

  1. Billund

Billund DenmarkThe little Billund is really known for one thing only: Lego. On the edge of this town, travelers can discover the Lego factory, and the famous Billund theme park, with numerous attractions, where a mind-blowing number of two million visitors comes to have fun every year.

  1. Bornholm

Bornholm DenmarkThe island of Bornholm, stranded between the icy rollers of Baltic sea, is where tourists can seek out fishing villages, timber towns, rough seascapes with striking granite cliffs, and deep forests. With the flora and fauna found here, this just might be the country’s greatest nature enclave.

  1. Ribe

Ribe DenmarkThe picturesque Ribe has the roots coming all the way from the 9th century, making this the oldest town in Denmark. The narrow alleyway and cobbled streets run among colorful cottages and red-brick buildings, making the past extraordinary vivid, especially with their medieval merchant boom and all the incredible tales of the Vikings.

  1. Kertemide

Kertemide DenmarkPerfect for visitors who want a glimpse of a timeless town filled with meandering cobblestone streets and timbered homes. While some people can explore the national history, others might want to enjoy the Denmark’s most remote landscape, which is absolutely stunning.

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