The windmills of Kinderdijk

The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe which is known for it’s flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. The capital is Amsterdam with best travel places including Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII. There are many more things, you can get in this article named top 10 best travel places in Netherlands as –


This is a popular destination for a day’s trip, featuring lots of old buildings and pretty canals. The great highway and rail connections make the experience also worth. The city is also famous for its candles, cheese, syrup waffles and clay pipes. The company city is ringed by lots of canals and is a five-minute walk from the station.


This is one of the most visited cities in Netherlands. The impressive architecture and beautiful canal ring is amazement. The largest airport is also found here and hence a starting point to many tourists. You can take a canal cruise, explore the many museums and shop around the nine streets. You will also be rewarded as you explore the 400-year-old street with small cafes, boutique shops, and quaint, colorful gardens.


Is widely considered as the best Dutch cities for exploration. The atmospheric star-shaped fortress city features beautiful houses with well-preserved walls. Moving from Amsterdam to Naarden by train will take you few minutes you will find that there are pretty amazing things to do outside Amsterdam. In Naarden, you will experience a glimpse into the Dutch history as it homes one of the oldest churches in the country, built in 1572.

Den HaagDen Haag

Though often overshadowed by Amsterdam, Den Haag is full of historic architecture and fantastic museums. Also known as the Hague, Den Haag is the 3rd largest city in the country and hosts most of the government functions. For the History masters, it is home to the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice, also hosting the main Governing bodies of England.


This city is among the largest in the the country, hosting a population second to that of Amsterdam. If you are looking for another city to go, apart from Amsterdam, the different dramatic cityscape of Rotterdam will give you a good feeling. You will enjoy the cuisine in good restaurants here, including Takumi and Guliano. It is also a great city for nightlife.

Anne Frank MuseumAnne Frank Museum

This museum is a must visit and see when in Amsterdam. It is home to Anne’s family (Jewish refugees) during world war II. Anne was the famous girl who wrote a famous diary, which has later been translated into 51 languages. The back of a restores house where Frank family hid is still units’ original state and is a poignant monument in the history world.


One of the most charming cities of Netherlands, Maastricht can easily be explored in one weekend. The city is perfect for visitors looking for a slow and romantic weekend. You will stroll the tangled streets, explore the beautiful cathedral store, tour the historic caves while in the evening enjoy the delicious regional cuisine.

Kasteel De HaarKasteel De Haar

The fourth largest city in the Netherlands, Kasteel De Haar is located near the lovely city of Utrecht. It is also the largest fortification in the country, built by PJH Cuypers. The piece required so much space that the entire Haarzuilens village had to be relocated to accommodate it.  You will be impressed with the collection of tapestries, antiques, furniture, and paintings.


A small fortified town, Heusden is located on the River Maas. A bird view of this town will amaze you, as it looks like staff from the air. The city is perfect for slow travel as you can stroll along the old city walls, or get lost in the narrow streets. There are lots of places to eat, but you must try the Dutch pancakes at the De Pannekoekenbakker.

The windmills of KinderdijkThe windmills of Kinderdijk

On River Noord between Dordrecht and Rotterdam is the famous Kinderdijk village, which means the children’s dike. The village is now UNESCO world heritage sites and features 19 Kinderdijk windmills which were built from 1722-1761. They are also the largest surviving windmills in the Netherlands. Originally they were used to drain the fenlands, but now the majestic 92-foot is open for the public from April to October, including the special mills day when they are set in motion.

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