Top 10 best travel places in Australia

Sydney AustraliaAustralia is one of the most beautiful places in the world located between the great Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It is also the largest island on the planer and is the smallest continent. There are some many sights in Australia to discover and to enjoy. No matter what you like to do in your vacation, want to go explore the traditional lifestyle of the aboriginal people or relax under the sun kissed beaches or just relive the night in a city hot spot, Australia provides everything for everyone. A trip to Australia is everyone’s favorite and dream destination, no matter what you want. Let us see some of the best places you must not miss in your trip to Australia:

1. Sydney Australia:

Sydney is on the south east corner of the continent and is also the capital city of New South Wales. This is now a modern city but it has a long history. The best part of the places is its scenic harbor which can leave you speechless. Thousands of years back, the region’s first inhabitants used to live along the same harbor’s bank and this very harbor is also the landing site for the convicts who were sent to Australia in 1780s. You can find the ferry service which takes you right under the Sydney harbor bridge and also past the chanting and iconic opera house of Sydney.

Great Barrier Reef Australia2. Great Barrier Reef Australia:

Got a thing for the underwater world, then you must miss the Great Barrier Reef which is one of the top destinations in the world, if you want to explore underwater life and go scuba diving. This is world’s largest reef barrier system and is located in the Coral Sea, off the Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef is home to nearly 2900 coral reefs and also hundreds of islands. This is the largest living underwater organism which formed over millions of years ago and at present it is one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet and also the best place to visit in Australia.

Alice Springs Australia3. Alice Springs Australia:

Alice Springs is located at the center of Australia and is 900 miles away from a major city. The place is built of cavernous gorges, never ending desert landscapes and charming and mesmerizing history and also a remote place of aboriginal communities. It is a travel hub with many sights and hikes, so if you want to sweat a little in your trip then this is the place for you. You can see ayers rock, the olgas and kings canyon in the place. The tourism started in early 80s from which the population slightly raised to 28000.

Cairns Australia4. Cairns Australia:

Cairns is famous for its tropical climate and easy going ambiance. It is also located close to the world famous, Great Barrier Reef and is on the list of most popular tourist destination in the country/continent. The city is a stylish province with a population of 150000. The costal destinations of the place feature diversity in wildlife making the travelers and tourists to get their share of travel adventures that the place claims to present.

5. Melbourne Australia:

Melbourne AustraliaMelbourne is the capital of victoria and is the second populous city in the continent. The place is near the south east tip of Australia and is also houses the large natural bay of ort Phillip. Melbourne is also considered as the cultural capital of the country and also the important port. The city is a well-planned place which is known for its shopping, so ladies you can have wonderful time here. It is also home to star level restaurants and sport venues. This is an ideal destination for all tourists who like to appreciate a good life.

6. Adelaide Australia:

Adelaide AustraliaAdelaide is the capital city of South Australia and is also the 5th largest city in the continent with almost a population of 1.2 million which is more than 3 quarters of south Australians who are living in this metropolitan area. The city is on the plain between the Adelaide hills and the gulf St. Vincent. It is also bordered but many wine regions which are famous in Australia. Coming to its history, the place is well known for its historic churches and the architecture which features the colonial era. This can be seen in the inner city.

Darwin Australia7. Darwin Australia:

Darwin lies in the northern territory and side of the coastline and is one of the country’s international cities. It is close to other countries of the Indian Ocean which made this place a transportation hub in the earlier days. The city was devastated during the World War II but it is now a city with spirit that cannot be defeated. There are around 75,000 people living in the city and is one of the popular tourist destinations in Australia.

8. Hobart Australia:

Hobart AustraliaThe capital city of Tasmania, the island of Australia, Hobart is well known as the second oldest city in the country after Sydney. The population of the place is 250000 and is a small and intimating city of Australia, not like any of the larger mainland cities. There are many places to see in Hobart like the architecture of Georgian and Victorian era like Salamanca palace which has a terrace with warehouses that date back the 1830s. The temperature of the place is mild with oceanic climate and has 4 distinct seasons.

Brisbane Australia9. Brisbane Australia:

The capital city of Queensland with a population of 2 million and is the 3rd largest city of Australia, Brisbane provides a warm climate year round with spectacular scenarios and pleasant local sites that draws many tourists and travellers towards it year long. No doubt it is one of the fast growing cities in tourism sector.

10. Perth Australia:

Perth is on the south west coastline of Australia and is the 4th largest city in the country. It is

Perth Australia

also the capital of Western Australia. The city is mainly isolated from other major cities, making it special and unique. The area has thousands of years of history but you can still have a youthful feel and atmosphere in the place which is quite mesmerizing. There is a fun loving attitude in the city even with a population of over 2 million people.

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