Top 10 best travel places in Egypt

If you like to dive past into very ancient history dating back to the dawn of the human civilizations on the planet, then you must check out Egypt. It is one of the places on earth with oldest histories and fascinating stories and is also a travel destination from way back. The construction of pyramids and complex temples made travellers and visitors come often to this place for thousands and thousands of years now. Although many visitors and tourists come here to check out the ancient monuments and places, you must know that Egypt is also quite famous for its natural attractions. For example, the red sea cost is popularly known for its coral reefs and wide beach resorts or a simple trekking through the Sahara will lead you to refreshing freshwater oasis.

Let us see some of the best places in Egypt which you must pay a visit –

1. Giza Necropolis Egypt:

Located in the vicinity of the suburbs in southwestern part of Cairo, the Giza necropolis is one of the Egypt’s most ancient sites and is also the ancient place in the world. The iconic image of the Egypt, the pyramids along with the sphinx at the base of the Giza plateau is what lies in Giza necropolis. The pyramids and the sphinx were built over 3 generations by Khufu, his son Khafre and his grandson Menkaure. There are also some other smaller attractions in the place like small satellite structures called as queen pyramids, temples and causeways.

2. Cairo Egypt:

Cairo is the modern Egypt’s capital and is a busy metropolis which also happens to have a long history. The place is located near the mouth of the river Nile delta and is also near the capital city of Memphis. Present day Cairo is the popular starting point for the cruise trip on the river Nile and also to go on the exploration of the pyramids of Giza which are just outside the city. The place also houses the world famous Egyptian museum, Tahrir square. This is the museum in which we can have a close look at the treasures of Tutankhamen along with the mummies and other ancient artifacts dug up from Egyptian’s sands.

3. Luxor Egypt:

1000 years after the great pyramids of Egypt were built, there happened to raise a new kingdom in Egypt and soon all the power shifted from the, then capital Memphis to Thebes in the south which is where the modern city, Luxor lies. It is one among the top 10 best places to visit in Egypt and is a mid sizes city which will offer so much to travelers. You can see a lot of ancient temple of karnak and Luxor and the ancient royal tombs at the valley of kings and queens. You can also get a good look at the spectacular deserts of Egypt and the river scenery.

4. Hurghada Egypt:

Once upon a time, Hurghada was a small town, not very popular and is a fishing village which is located near the red sea and it boast many number of sand beaches. Today the town is a resort and is almost unrecognizable when compared to its past life. This is at present the world’s popular tourist destinations and there are more than 100 hotels in the resort town of Hurghada. Among these, many lies on the shoreline giving a great view of the red sea. Hurghada is a popular place with diving oppurtunites.

5. Alexandria Egypt:

Alexandria is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is the leading port of the country and is also a major transportation hub. The city was founded in 331 BC by the Alexander, the great and was considered as the crossroads of the world. Many of place’s historic sites which include the famous library with more than 5 lakh books were destroyed die to major earthquake in the region around the 14thcentury. Today the city is just a faded shade of its ancient glory but it is still worth a visit as it houses many cultural attractions and also glimpses of the past.

6. Aswan Egypt:

Aswan is on the south most tip of the country and is a mid-sized city located on the north side of the lake Nasser. Although the city is minor when to compared to all themonuments and historic places you find in Luxor, it is well known as the base of the excursions to the temples in the place like Philae and Kabasha, sun temple of Ramses II located at Abu Simbel. Aswan is also the best place to start your excursion of the temples of KomOmbo and Edfu which lies between Aswan and Luxor.

7. Dahshur Egypt:

Located in the desert on the west banks of Nile river, the necropolis, Dahshur is a 40 kilometers away from the south of Cairo and when compared to the places like Giza and Saqqara, Dahshur is a place that offers tranquility and peace to the travellers as it is more isolated location that offers a view of some very large pyramids of the country. The visitors are very small in number and the queues are shorter too which means you can have a hassle free trip. The pyramids of the place include the bent pyramid and the red pyramid which are constructed during 2613 to 2589 BC during the reign of PharaohSneferu.

8. Dahab Egypt:

Located approximately eighty five kilometer on north side of Sharmel Sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba which is near the southern tip of Sinai, the Dahab is an isolated costal village which turned out into a hangout place for hippies in the 1980s. The place has become an alternative resort with a mix of cheap accommodation and a laid back lifestyle. The Dahab is a perfect spot for windsurfers and scuba divers as it is located near the red sea and the Sinai desert. It is also a place that sports rock climbing and desert trekking with the Bedouin. Want to have some Egyptian adventure, head to Dahab now.

9. Siwa Oasis Egypt:

Siwa oasis is a heaven on earth I mean come on who doesn’t know that right? Oasis is a pearl in the desert and the Siwa oasis is located near the western boarders of Egypt and is remained as an isolated country until the 19th century. At present siwa oasis is a popular destination and the tourists come here now to enjoy the town’s many freshwater springs. Yu can stroll through the palm groves and explore the ancient mud bath fortresses and also the remnants of Greco roman past.

10. Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt:

The place is well known beach resort located at the south tip of the Sinai Peninsula which is popular with the package holiday divers and makers. The place hosts one of the finest diving spots on the planet and there are many hotels and travel agencies in the place which can arrange you a jeep or camel or much better, a quad bike. With this you can happily go for an excursion which includes the snorkeling, colored canyon, Mount Sinai and St Catherine’s Monastery.

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