Top 10 best travel places in Singapore

Marina Bay SandsSingapore is the busiest city with great travel places to attract the visitors. It is having advanced technology with great infrastructure, delicious food, attractive lifestyle and culture. Let’s check our best travel places here as –

Marina Bay Sands

The complex and Opulent Marina Bay sands include high-end luxury brands, hotel and a canal running through it. The Skypark and Artscience provide vantage points for the entire city. The Skypark gives you an amazing view of the innovative double helix bridge, gardens by the bay and the port. Better you ask some tourists to take some photos of you as you want to remember the elegance of Marina Bay.

Arab Street

Arab StreetBoth little India and Arab Street are popular places which create a unique experience of their own. The Arab street will offer a heavenly feel with its age-old structures, authentic Arabian cuisine, and the shopping malls. Little India, on the other hand, gives you some exquisite shopping options; temples like the most famous Veeramakaliamman and eateries offering Indian cuisine.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore FlyerThe ride is 30 minutes to where you get to see Singapore from above. Amazing experience when you get a bird-eye view of entire Singapore.  The Singapore Flyer is an observation wheel, surging 165 meters. It is Asia’s largest giant wheel.  The flyer will also give you a breathtaking view while overlooking the F1 track, views of the skyline and Gardens by the bay.

Universal Studios

Universal StudiosSentosa Island is one of the ever thrilling destinations in Singapore and one which features Universal Studios. This is undoubtedly one of the best places you and your family will enjoy. The place is completely loaded with excitement and enthusiasm, entertainment; you also get to taste the delicious food of the numerous restaurants and cafes.  You can summarize the universal studio visit by visiting Walk of Fame and have striking photos with some of the Hollywood famous personalities.

The China Town

The China TownThis is one place that you are assured blending of culture, history and modern cafes. A walk in China town, you will absorb the aroma of Chinese food coming from the cafes and multiple street food hawkers. The place is always filled with excitement. You also get to visit Chinese Heritage Centre where you will see the striking Sri Mariamman Temple. If you are awake early enough, around 4 in the morning, you get to hear the morning drum ceremony.

The Night Safari

The Night SafariTourists and travelers who love nightlife but are bored of the club scenes should look for the Night Safari where nocturnal, not party, animals are on display. The site is among the top Singapore attractions attracting more than a million visitors annually. Visitors enjoy a trail walk while learning more about animal habits. The other section features how the place preserves threatened species using captive breeding programs. The nearby restaurant’s entertainment and food menu reflect life in the rainforest.

Resort World Sentosa

Resort World SentosaIf a getaway is what you need to rejuvenate on the beach, then Siloso Beach will give you exactly that. The beach is in Sentosa and is a good hotspot for some amazing beach time. Sentosa Island is always jam-packed with activities and beach attractions making the visit worthwhile. Some of the activities in Siloso include kayaking, volleyball on free courts as well as skim-boarding.

Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol Waterway Park SingaporeThis is a perfect family and kid’s destination when in Singapore. The park consists of four themes; Green Gallery features flora and fauna; the Nature Cove-which allows tourists to relax enjoying the scenic view of Waterway. The Recreation Zone is also a good place offering activities such as sand and water play making your family have fun and finally is the fitness corner, a zone that fits everyone.

The Raffles Hotel

The Raffles HotelThe hotel is one of the Worlds last grand hotels built in the 19th century. It is famous for hosting various luminaries such as Joseph Conrad and Rudyard Kipling, not forgetting Charlie Chaplin. The hotel has served as Singapore landmark over a century and continued to live up to its reputation. The hotel is known for excellent food and service. The classical piece of art combined with the tropical gardens provide a well-refined setting and represent another facet of the Singapore rich and varied history.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore ZooIt prides itself on the world’s best rainforest zoo. Singapore zoo is an impressive place worth visiting. The zoo is clean and inviting. The chimpanzees and monkeys are particularly impressive, and visitors get to see babies and adults alike swinging high above their platforms. Your family will also enjoy zebras, mole rats, Komodo dragon, kangaroos, white tigers and many other creatures to make your visit memorable and fun.  Try having breakfast with the Orangutans-it’s so much fun.

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