Top 5 famous castles and forts of India

India is a place with its rich culture and heritage and these royal marks can be seen all over India in form of great constructions like castles, forts, temples and historic buildings and some of them are very unique and world famous. Among all those historic constructions, forts and castles of India occupy a special place as they once used to be base for many mighty kingdoms and rulers. Some of the famous forts in India like Jal Durg, a fort built in water, Giri Durgs and Vana durg, forts in forests, Dhanu durg, a fort in desert. Originally these castles and forts are made of earth, wood and different types of stones like limestone, marble, and others that are locally available. Each castle is an example of unique architectures and designs of royalties of India. Here, we are listing the top 5 famous castles and forts of India.

Take a look and pay a visit if you are in the area:

1. Red fort India

Red fort is the famous of all and is on the first place in our list of top 5 famous castles and forts in India. The red fort also called as lal oila in local language is a richly built fort in Delhi. It was built by shah jahan in 1639 and the red fort is a UNESCO world heritage site from 2007. Red fort is one of the must see forts for all travelers to India and is one top of every traveler’s list who pay a visit to India. The red fort’s architecture is Islamic based and was built inside walls shaped octagon with a perimeter of 2.41 kms. The construction was completed in 9 years, since then it has been the most visited and most priced monuments of India. With its charming and enchanting red color, we can say that red fort is a true sign of those old royal days.

2. Chittorgarh fort India

Chittorgarh fort is located in Rajasthan and is one giant impressive fort; it is the largest and biggest fort in Asia. Chittorgarh fort is a great sign for courage, nationalism and sacrifice. The fort is situated on top of a high hill of 180m height and it covers an area of 700 acres, now you can imagine the massive size of this man made construction. This fort was once a capital of Mewar. Of the many battles that took place in this place, three are main battles and made their mark in the history of Indian battles. During the Muslim invasions, the fort has witnessed more than 13000 women and children’s sacrifice, as they chose death over the surrender to Muslims. After Akbar seized the throne and the fort in 1567, the fort was abandoned and was never restored.

3. The Gwalior fort India

The Gwalior fort is often described as the pearl in the necklace of castles of hind. The fort was a mark of mughal emperor Babur and his royalty. Ever king and ruler of medieval India used to see Gwalior as most magnificent structure in the world and tried to get their hands on it. The fort’s glory and its magnificence have attracted many poets and historians too. The Gwalior fort has seen many kingdoms raise and fall and many famous rules since its construction. Scindhia dynasty is the last one to rule this majestic and marvelous Gwalior fort. The architecture of this fort is a mix of Muslim and Hindu cultures and is one of the well maintained forts of the country.

4. Amber fort India

Our 4th majestic and must visit forts of India is the Amber fort which attracts people with its golden amber color and also the rich history and glory of old Indian days. The amber fort is in Rajasthan and is a symbol of the luxurious lifestyle of rajput emperors and rulers. The fort was built in the 16th century by a king called raja man Singh. The fort is studded with temples, palaces, gardens, giant gates, ornate halls, pavilions and a ramp to go to the hilltop palace. The elephants will carry persons to top and to bottom of the palace and these elephants are decorated beautifully with local Rajasthan style fabrics. This is a must see place in the Rajasthan and is just 11 km far from the capital city, Jaipur.

5. Golconda fort India

Golconda fort was used to be a center and major ruling place of Deccan in the past. It is 11 km far from present Hyderabad city and was built on granite stone by Qutub shahi kings on a height of 120 m granite rock. The construction took place for 62 years and the end result is a great fort of all the time with a water supply system and other construction details are still a mystery to present architects. This granite structure is a must see in India.

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