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Want to know about the best cities or places in Germany you can visit. Then read below for a great introduction of cities and best places in Germany along with a list of must see places in the cities you visit.

If you plan your next trip to Germany then you must check on the best ways to get around the city and to the best places in Germany. Germany is a country well known for the World War II history and also for Oktoberfest. It is country filled with Europe’s most beautiful sceneries, castles, historic sites and lively party sceneries. Germany is located in the heart of Europe and is one of the Europe’s most powerful economies. Let us see an overview of top 10 best travel places in Germany.

1. Berlin Germany:

Berlin is a federal state and is also a capital of Germany. The city is widely linked with the history of World War II and also a former division of the west and East Germany by the berlin wall during the times of cold war. Since the fall of this historic wall in 1989, the unified city is now vast and is diverse in the ethnic group and is abundant in attractions, sightseeing, sports, nightlife, culture and the museums. It is one of most cosmopolitan cities in Germany that is a houses architecture, nightlife and art.

Things you mustn’t miss in berlin:

• Brandenburg Gate or Brandenburger Tor

• Memorial of the Berlin Wall

• Museum Island or Museumsinsel

2. Munich Germany:

Munich strongly displays the Bavarian charm. It is a place for all the beer fanatics as it houses the Hofbräuhaus, a hops heaven which is being in the production of good beer since 1589. During the famous Oktoberfest, the drinking has become legendary as there is a celebration of the local beers and local German foods. Go to Olympia park and emulate some of the world class athletes. This is also a place that houses Olympic ice rink that will make you feel like a real champion. For people who like watching stuff and gawking at stuff, you must visit the promenade of Marienplatz which contains the Glockenspiele of City Hall.

Things you mustn’t miss in Munich:

• English Garden

• Marienplatz

• Deutsches Museum

3. Hamburg Germany:

The second largest city in Germany and next to berlin in population, the Hamburg is a city that is a home to one of Europe’s biggest harbors. There are many waterways and canals in the city and one stroll among these waterways will tell you exactly why it is called the “Venice of the North”. You must not miss a trip to the local fish market and the merchant’s district which is marked for its red brick architecture that is very imposing. You can also get a fine dining experience in the place. You must visit the red light district or Reeperbahn.

Things you mustn’t miss in Hamburg:

• MiniaturWunderland

• Park Planten un Blomen

• Hafen Hamburg

4. Neuschwanstein Germany:

Neuschwanstein houses the Neuschwanstein castle which is the most photographed areas in Germany and is also a famous tourist destination in Europe. It is nestled among the Bavarian Alps which are as breathtaking as the castle and is near to a town named Fussen. This castle also served as an inspiration for the walk Disney’s sleeping beauty’s castle.

5. Frankfurt Germany:

There is plenty you can see and do in Frankfurt, a 2000 year old German city which houses the gothic saint Bartholomeus Cathedral, which is a perseverant structure. This cathedral has been destroyed and been rebuilt twice since its construction, in 14th century. You can simply catch a screening in the German Film Museum or stroll through different exhibit halls in one of the many galleried of Frankfurt. You can also spend your time in the city by climbing on to the top of the main Tower for sweeping 360 degree views of this gorgeous city.

Things you mustn’t miss in Frankfurt:

• Staedel Museum

• German Film Museum

• Dialog Museum

6. Cologne Germany:

Cologne is a city with 2000 years of history and the visitors to this city will definitely find everything they want from roman towers to gothic looking churches and some fine examples of the modern architecture. The city also has a wide number of museums among which you must check out the Museum of applied art, the museum Ludwig and also the chocolate museum. There is also a gift shop at the latter which sells everything a chocolate lover can dream of.

Things you mustn’t miss in Cologne:

• Cologne Cathedral (Dom)

• Museum Ludwig

• KoelnTriangle

7. Heidelberg Germany:

Coming to the oldest universities in Germany, Heidelberg is the home. This city was hit hard with the 17th century wars and was rebuilt in the 18th century which is why you can see baroque buildings in the city. If you want a pleasant walk then stroll through the historic city center and gothic streets. Do not forget to look for the Heidelberg castle which is the heart of the city. You can see an 18th century beauty- a bridge and a student jail in the city- which was built in 16th century and is used to keep the mischievous students for 3 days to months.

Things you mustn’t miss in Heidelberg:

• Philosophers’ Way

• Altstadt (Old Town)

• Heidelberg Castle

8. Lubeck Germany:

Lubeck is one of the Germany’s largest Seaports and is located in the northern most state called Schleswig-Holstein. It was founded in the year 1143, and served as the capital seat for many centuries for the Hanseatic League. It was the first city that was damaged and bombed during the World War II. But still you can see the medieval architecture in the city which is why it is one of the popular tourist destinations in Germany.

9. Dusseldorf Germany:

Dusseldorf is the capital city of North Rhine and is also a regional economic power house which is straddling the banks of the river Rhine. You can find the city’s night life in the place called Altstadt and if you want to have a taste of the local dark beer then go to Altbier.

Things you mustn’t miss in Dusseldorf:

• Old Town/ Altstadt

• Rhine Tower

• Konigsallee

10. Stuttgart Germany:

Stuttgart is one of the Germany’s largest wine growing regions and is also a cultural junky place as it is filled with acclaimed ballets, opera and Philharmonic. If you are a fan of automobiles then visit the Mercedes Benz Museum. This is a festival friendly town and also houses the largest zoo in Europe and botanic garden, The Wilhelma.

Things you mustn’t miss in Stuttgart:

• Mercedes-Benz Museum

• Palace Square

• Koenigstrasse

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