Top ten best travel places in India

India is a diverse country in the world with many different cultures and traditions. India has coolest places like Kashmir to hottest places like Thar Desert and rainiest places like chirapunji on the earth. Adding to all these diverse places, there is a beautiful coastal line which covers more than half of the Indian boundary and with snowcapped northern Himalayan Mountains, India is on top of the list of every traveller. India has an endless variety of cultures, languages, traditions, landscapes, places and monuments to explore. There are ancient ruins and fascinating structures to exotic cities. Let’s see the top 10 best travel places in India are the following:


Taj Mahal in Agra is world’s one and only monument built in the name of love. It is a romantic destination and is a must place to visit in India. The taj mahal is the mausoleum of Mumtaz mahal, shah Jahan’s favorite wife. It is also in the list of the new Seven Wonders of the World and is a world heritage site.

Coming to the details of the place, the monument is completed by 1653 and is the final resting place of Mumtaz mahal. The monument is built using white marble stone and is considered as a fascinating and beautiful monument in India. Taj mahal is a perfectly symmetrical building which took 22 years of hard labor of 20000 workers, jewelers and masons to build, finishing with landscaped gardens in the front of the monument. There is river Yamuna flowing in the backside of taj mahal which adds more attraction and beauty to the monument. The best time to visit Agra is from October to March.

Backwaters of Kerala:

Backwaters of Kerala are also known as Venice of east, is one of the most pleasure filled and refreshing destinations in the world. Lying parallel with the Arabian Sea, the back waters of Kerala is a chain of lakes and lagoons with fresh water and greens of Kerala state. The rich coconut trees lining the lakes and lagoons and different water birds and animals like turtles, otters and frogs adding colors to the scenery, the houseboat ride in these back waters of Kerala is truly a heavenly experience for every tourist. The best time to visit this place is during winter season which is from October to February.


Jaipur popularly known as the pink city, Jaipur or Udaipur is a must see place in India. It is the capital of Rajasthan and is a very famous tourist destination in India. Jaipur seems to be packed with a flock of tourists and visitors around the year. With a variety of forts and monuments, Jaipur is the place that reflects rich traditions and glories of the past kings in India. Jaipur or Udaipur is also famous for its world’s best hotels like water palace by taj hotels. A list of forts and monuments in Jaipur are the following:

Hawa Mahal

Amber Fort

Jaigarh Fort

City Palace

Nahargarh Fort

Jantar Mantar

Rambagh Palace

Diwan-e-Aam, City Palace

Jal Mahal

Central Museum, (Albert Hall Museum) and

Chandra Mahal, The City Palace, Jaipur


Kashmir is popularly known for its scenic beauty filled with snowcapped mountain peaks and lush green valleys along with waterfalls, apple and flower gardens and alpine villages. The best time to visit Kashmir is the winter, from October to February where you can enjoy boat rides on famous and picturesque dal lake. There are other attractions in Kashmir like Srinagar, Nagin lake, Gulmarg, Pehalgam and Pari Mahal.


Mysore: a tourism hot spot in south of India in Karnataka state is Mysore city. A tourism hot spot in south of India in Karnataka state is Mysore city which is also a base for other tourist places around the city. Dussehra festival, held in the months of October is the best time to visit this place. The festival of dussehra will take place for a period of 10 days and one can find many attractions and entertainments in and around the city in this time. The ambavilas Palace is the must visit place in the Mysore city and is also served as the center place for all dussehra festivities.


The golden temple of Sikhs is located in Amritsar, which was founded by the fourth Sikhs guru, Ram Das in 1577. Amritsar is a spiritual capital of Sikhs and is also called as a holy pool of Nectar due to the water body around the golden temple. The golden dome of the temple casts golden shadows in the surrounding water, which is an exquisite scene to all pilgrims and tourists. The best time to visit golden temple is during nights when all the lights of the temple are beautifully lit up making the imposing gold dome more attractive and illuminating.

Ajanta and Ellora caves:

There are 28 to 30 rock cut cave monuments which were created during the 1st century B.C. and 5th century AD. These rock cut cave monuments contains paintings and beautifully cut sculptures which are considered as masterpieces of universal pictorial art and also for Buddhist religions. Ajanta and ellora caves are located outside the ellora and Ajanta in Aurangabad district in Maharashtra. It is also the UNESCO world heritage site since 1983.


The smallest state in India is Goa, but this place attracts more tourists than any other place in India throughout the year. Completed with exotic beaches with beautiful sunset views and golden sands, Goa is the best place to have a great vacation in any season. Goa is also popular for its churches and a great variety of sea foods. There are water sports like water skiing wind surfing and parasailing that makes this place more fun to youngsters and adventure seekers. Places to see in Goa are the following:

Alorna Fort

Arvalam waterfalls

Calangute Beach

Ancestral Goa Museum and

Chapora fort

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan:

Jaisalmer is a desert town located in western part of Rajasthan state near the border with Pakistan. The place looks like it has been carved out of yellow sandstone which is why it is called as the golden city which rose from the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. The place typically depicts the scenes from the tales of Arabian nights as the fort of Jaisalmer crowns the city. Although the beauty of the place has been dampened with commercialism, Jaisalmer still attracts a lot of tourists and travellers from all around the world. The best season to visit this place is October to march.


Varanasi is the city of mythology with number of Ghats and temples which you can see nowhere else in the world. These Ghats are located on the riverside of river Ganga in which bathing to body burning and other rituals for dead will take place. Varanasi attracts both pilgrims and tourists from all around the world. It is considered holy according to Hinduism to take a bath in the holy water of Ganga in Varanasi.

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