Top ten best travel places in Venice

One of the world’s most popular destinations is Venice. A Venetian experience is something you will never forget and it is quite romantic for the first timers and couples. Little about the history of Venice, it is the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi, a composer and to Carlo Goldoni, a playwright. The city is also an inspiration for many writers like Ernest Hemingway.

Today we can see a flock of tourists and travelers visiting the city to see the works of art, beautiful historic buildings and the bridges. If you want the experience of traveling to Venice, a remarkable and long-lasting one then you must not miss this list of top 10 best places to travel in Venice.

Venice is the popular urban destinations in Italy and is known for its canals, and historic buildings. You won’t see a single car in the city. If you can spend some money then you must take a gondola cruise on these legendary canals of Venice. There are also some plenty other affordable and free services which are equally exciting.

1. Saint Mark’s Square or Piazza San Marco Venice:

Saint Mark’s Square or Piazza San Marco is the heart of Venice city and is one of the biggest public spaces in the city. It is a well-known spot for any tourist and locals alike and is often referred to as “The Piazza”. There are many other Piazzas in the city as well. This particular Piazza is lined and surrounded with beautifully structured historic buildings with windows that are in arch shape. This is a favorite photo spot for tourists. Another photo subject place is the pigeon flock that inhabits the Saint Mark’s square. There is also a smaller adjoin Square that houses some of the spectacular views of the canals of the lagoon and the historic buildings that surrounded it. Don’t miss that spot when you are at the Saint Mark’s Square.

2. Doge’s Palace Venice:

A must see attraction the city of Venice is the Palazzo Ducale. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city and is erected in the 14th century as the Doge’s residence. The specialty about this building is it features a typical gothic architecture. This Ducal palace was turned into a museum in the year 1923 which displays an extensive collection of the masterpieces and also hosts various art exhibitions. You must take an inside tour and should check out the Giant’s staircase in the courtyard. After that visit the Doge’s apartment which is decorated lavishly and also the Senate Hall. Take a walk on the bridge of sighs; it is the only bridge that is fully covered which was used as a walkway to prison where prisoners can get a fresh air. Take a Secret Itineraries tour and discover the secrets and mysteries of the Doge’s palace.

3. Rialto Bridge or Ponte di Rialto Venice:

Rialto Bridge is a historic bridge that spans the Grand Canal which is the central waterway of Venice. This bridge was built in the 16th century and is itself a beautiful attraction and it is seen as the picture worthy construction as it offers beautiful views of the canals and also the historic buildings lining it. You must click a picture from this spot when you visit this place. Rialto is one of the important retail districts for over a thousand years. Today the fish markets and produces still operate near the bridge, in an area just like old times, before hundreds and hundreds of years.

4. Ca’ Rezzonico Palace and Museum Venice:

If you want to explore  the venetian art belonging to the 18th century then you must pay a visit to the magnificent palace in the Venice which is turned into a museum, Ca’ Rezzonico Palace, which is close to Campo San Barnaba. You can discover halls and ballrooms fully decorated with splendid art works by many important Venetian artists like Longhi, and Tiepolo. If you take a walk from Campo San Barnaba to Ca’ Rezzonico, you can find in a beautiful and quiet garden where you can take some rest from all the noises of tourists.

5. A Visit during Carnevale Venice:

Like many other predominantly catholic cities in the world, Venice is also a city that takes carnival seriously and is called carnevale in Italian. The carnival starts before the start of the Easter season. You won’t find any scantily clad dancers, floats, bead tosses and mess in this venetian carnival, instead you will find venetians with masks  and costumes, which makes this carnival very unique and worth watching. Mask parades will take place about a month and a half before the Easter festival, which is usually in mid-February. Boat parades and fireworks will also be a part of the festivities or the carnevale.

6. St Mary of the Friars Church Venice:

Basilica Di Santa Maria GloriosadeiFrari which is located near the Scuola Grande di San Rocco is a building that serves as a wonderful example of the gothic architecture. The beautiful façade of the building will leave the visitors and tourists in awe and you will be surprised to find many art treasures inside the church including the masterpiece of Titan, Bellini and Donatello.

7. Ai Mercanti Restaurant Venice:

Ai Mercanti Restaurant is a restaurant that is well hidden in the Campo San Luca and Campo Manin areas and is bit off the track but it is still a worth visiting it. you can get pleasant surprise by the creative combinations of th ingredients they use in their recipes and the elaborate fusion menu of the restaurant. They also have a great selection of wine. You must try the sea bass tartar and the rabbit terrine in the restaurant.

Address and contact: San Marco 4346, Corte Coppo +39 041 5238269

8. Regata ‘Storica Venice:

The word Storica means historic and this regatafeature the historic things which are the classic boats along the grand canal in the Venice. The boats in this regata are rowed by the people costumed from that period the boat is from. The procession is then followed by a series of boat races that can draw spectators and the participants from all around the city.

9. Santa Maria della Salute Venice:

Santa Maria della Salute is situated on a narrow strip of land near the Saint Mark’s Square in the Grand canal. This church is one of the most visible parts in the Venice skyline and the interiors of this beautiful and fascinating structure features an airy and arching design with ornate and intricate statues.

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