Top ten best travel places in the world

Tourists and travellers will get attracted to the greenery and rich cultures in the world like bees attracted to the honey in the flowers. It is almost irresistible to miss the richness provided by the cultures and traditions of some places and the natural beauty in some regions. This is why we are bringing you the top 10 best travel places in the world which are heavy with culture and natural beauty, it is almost impossible for you to stop planning your vacation to these top 10 places.

1. Sikkim, India:

Yumthang valley in Sikkim is a beautiful place surrounded by lush green and is also the cleanest state in India. New and innovative tourism project by Sikkim government made the place more attractive from 2012. The sightseeing is a must in every travellers list of to do things in Sikkim. To protect the environment, the eco-friendly policies have been implemented preserving the natural beauty of the Himalayas. Sikkim is now started a new organic farming which makes food taste good. With products from local markets, one can get a gunk free food in Sikkim.

2. The Kimberley, Australia:

Kimberly is in the western part of Australia and is famous for its dramatic and rustic looking red and rocky landscapes and mountains. The most interesting part of this place is the less population, indeed it is the scarcely populated places in the world. Added to the red rocky landscapes, the deep blue cool pools of homes makes this place one of the most irresistible places in the world. You can find a mixed culture of aboriginal and Asian cultures in this region. The place is inaccessible from November to march due to rains and mud. One can also find rich pearls in this area and it is often considered as a get-away place for celebrities.

3. Yorkshire, England:

Yorkshire is the country that clocked up more medals in the London OlympicGames, 2012 beating South Africa, Spain and Brazil countries. Harrogate in the northern part of Yorkshire is revealed as the happiest place in Britain in last year poll. UNESCO declared its first city of film as Bradford. For all food lovers, tasty news is that the Yorkshire is now home for Many Michelin starred restaurants than any other place in England or outside London. You can find heritage homes and cozy pubs all over the place and the place is becoming more welcoming with every passing year.

4. Antarctica:

Antarctica for all the adventure seekers out there who are planning to make a trip, then you should check out the icy-continent, Antarctica. If an average wildlife program can make you dazzle then imagine what the place can do to you when you visit in person. The majestic glaciers and icebergs floating in the blue waters, the noisy Gentoo penguins and polar bears will make your vacation a memorable one. You can see a lot of action in Antarctica with the wild animals like penguins, seals, birds and whales making their daily activities. You can see some millions of wild sea birds in the waters of Antarctica.

5. Scotland:

Scotland is a place with rugged up scenery completed with Scottish highlands. Scotland is hosting the 20th commonwealth games in 2014 which makes it best place to visit in the summer of 2014. The city has undergone a vigorous makeover by adding new sport venues and transport links which will sure attract more tourists. This year, the government of Scotland initiated a welcome program for all the Scottish diaspora, coming back to Scotland and the event is called as the homecoming, in which you can enjoy the rich culture and heritage of Scotland along with their foods and drinks.

6. Sweden:

Sweden popular for its food and culture, Sweden is a must check out place for every travel enthusiast and is also a great place to spend your summertime as it is a cold place which comes with scary stories, thanks to late SteigLarrson, a Swedish author. You can find a new pop culture in this place. Umea is the largest city in Sweden and is also the cultural capital of Europe for the year 2014. Coming to the part where you start salivating, the food is taken seriously by Scottish people and you can find a wide variety of dishes in the place. The popular products include sea food, cheese, berries and other herbs, which are produced locally adding the touch of Swedish-ness to the food.

7. Mexico:

Mexico as you all know that Mexico is quite famous for its food and Caribbean beaches, but you should also know that Mexico is quite famous for its brightly colored handicrafts and jewelry. You can find the rich and famous Mayan temples in the place which will make you to visit the past. There are some exciting new developments in the travel and tourism areas in the Mexico. The government is opening new museums which are filled with Mayan culture in Cancun and Merida. As the place is taking its makeover, it is important that you rip off any old memories of Mexico and revisit the place to enjoy its food and culture.

8. Paris, France:

While many countries and places are taking their makeovers seriously, Paris is also doing the same by taking measures in reducing the traffic in the city, which holds UNESCO’s world heritage riverbanks, by installing new walkways and cycle-ways so that one can find car-clogged free city. You can find floating gardens, car free zones and artificial islands along with a breath of new life in the city as the place transforms itself into a more welcoming place in the world. Good news for all the gallery lovers, the Musee Picasso is ready to display works inside a Marias mansion which was built in 17th century.

9. Cape town, South Africa:

Cape Town is one of the cities of South Africa that attracts more tourists than any other place in the continent. You can simply call it as the mother city of Africa. Cape Town welcomes you with gentle hands all around the year. You can find an undeniable natural beauty in this place and the best thing is that it is getting much prettier with new projects and developments. You can see green spaces and structures in the city along with trendy shopping places and gourmands like Woodstock and The fringe in the city.

10. Shanghai, china:

Shanghai, china as you all know that there has been a continuous electrical buzzing about this city and its transformations which makes everyone to visit it. You can find the third longest high speed line network in Shanghai by 2014. The twisting Shanghai tower will be the country’s tallest buildings and is also the 2nd tallest buildings on the planet.

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